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The chemical composition of allegra can be determined by iupac given systematic name to its clinical preparation fexofenadine.

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Inactiv ingdints: acton, black ion oxid, cllulos actat, colloidal silicon dioxid, copovidon, coscamllos sodium, D&C blu #1 aluminum lak, glycol tiactat, hypomllos, isopopyl alcohol, magnsium staat, mthyl alcohol, mthyln chloid, micocystallin cllulos, polythyln glycol, popyln glycol, povidon, sodium chloid, talc, titanium dioxid, wat.

Allga (xonadin hydochloid) is an antihistamin usd ttat allgic symptoms sasonal allgic hinitis (snzing, unny nos, itchy waty ys), and uticaia (hivs). Allga is availabl as a gnic dug. Common sid cts Allga includ.

Symptoms tatd: Both Allga and Claitin can tat th ollowing symptoms: snzing unny nos itchy, waty ys itchy nos and thoat Activ ingdints: Th activ ingdint in Allga is xonadin. Th activ ingdint in Claitin is loatadin. oms: Both dugs com in a vaity OTC oms. Ths includ an oally disintgating tablt, oal tablt, and oal capsul.

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