Mr & Mrs M:

Hi Steve, we just wanted to say many thanks for your help again with the boiler. I don’t know what my wife and I would have done without your help over the last 10 years, this old house of ours needed badly bringing into the 21st century, not least of all the plumbing!

…Even when we had a new kitchen, the people we chose said we have the best to do the plumbing work, and to our surprise it was you, you can’t imagine how much at ease that made us feel, having someone we trust.

…You have put the plumbing in for the dishwasher, washing machine, all the sinks, and all our radiators, inc the brand new boiler. It also helps have someone who not only knows what he’s doing, and we can trust, but is also pleasant to be around.

We can’t thank you enough Steve, really. If ever you need us to give you a reference, just give us a call, it will be our pleasure. We already recommend you to all who need a good plumber anyway. It’s a privilege to know you. Thanks, M. and M.

Mr S:

I have known MKSR Plumbing and Heating for 9 years. During that time the relationship with Steven has become one built on a high level of service and trust.

I have found the high level of expertise combined with an open, professional approach to solving technical problems has always been reassuring from my point of view. S.

I am very proud of the ever-increasing list of satisfied customers that have come to rely on MKSR for quality plumbing and heating services in and around Derbyshire and will be happy to put you in touch for a reference.